Friday, January 31, 2014

NYC Fashion Week Survival Guide - Plus Size Edition

I've been away handling family matters, but I'm back and ready to roll.  I'm gearing up to go to fashion week in NYC next week.  Now I do question my decision to go because it is freezing on the east coast right now.  Ugh!!! Anways, this is a great guide for NYC Fashion Week, Full Figured Fashion Week or just going to NYC in general.  NYC is rough for us car driving folk.  Here are a list of things that I must bring while I'm tackling the rough streets of New York.  

1.  Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel - The walking in NYC is no joke and is bound to create a lot of friction in the thigh area.  This is one of my favorite things to use to keep dry and to reduce my chance of any type of rash.  If you don't have this, you can use deodorant as a back up.  I pair this with a long leg shorts shapewear to prevent any sort of issues.  For the most part, it works in keeping me dry and rash free. 

2.  Gel Soles - So if you are trying to get your fashion girl look on and you don't want to wear sneakers, gel soles are the next best thing.  Heels, boots, and even flats don't provide a lot of support for walking on concrete all day.  Add in gel soles to help with foot pain associated with extended walking.  Your feet will thank you.

3.  Over the shoulder bag - There is nothing like being hands free.  I promise you will not want to carry that bag in your hand for blocks.  Make sure you have a over the shoulder bag (one that pretty much can go with every outfit) or make sure your has an optional strap.

4. Yosi Samra - Hands down, my most the most comfortable walking shoe ever that is still stylish. I was gifted a pair at the LuckyFabb conference and these are by far my favorite traveling shoe.  Your feet will last for miles.  

5.  Blotting Tissues - Oh man, I hate those photos with the greasy face.  You are going to be out and about and your face will get greasy (gross).  Blotting tissues are great for keeping your make-up in tact and keeping that oily sheen off of your face. Why not use tissues, you might ask?  Tissues tend to leave paper fibers on your face.  Blotting tissues are much better.  

6. Portable Charger - Looking for a place to charge your phone is a pain in the butt.  Every Starbuck in New York is filled with people using all the outlets.  Ugh! Rather than wait in line or lose the charge on your phone, slip a portable charger in your purse.  Charge it up the night before and you won't have to worry about being in NYC without your phone or your GPS navigation.

Other things you should have...

Roll Up Flats -   To get you to your destination and back.  I usually slip on my fab shoes around the corner from the event and use the roll ups to get around. 

Aleve - (or any other medicine that alleviates pain) Your joints will thank you.  

Change of underwear - I know this isn't the cutest suggestion, but I insist on having a change of underwear with me.  You could be out for hours upon hours.  This is an easy way to freshen up.  


  1. I agree 100% , especially when it comes to the portable charger. Probably because I can't spend 2 minutes without looking on my phone.

    1. That thing is a life saver...I hate trying to find an empty plug is NYC. It's like hunting for gold! LOL

  2. I live in Brooklyn and your on point with number 3. In NYC u definitely wanna be hands free! Great post!

  3. I appreciate your tips. I plan to use them when I go to NYC for FFFWeek in June. It is cold on the East coast.. they say a blizzard is heading our way for the end of nextweek.. enjoy your trip.

  4. I appreciate your tips. I plan to use them when I go to NYC for FFFWeek in June. It is cold on the East coast.. they say a blizzard is heading our way for the end of nextweek.. enjoy your trip.

    1. Sigh! We'll see if I'm even able to get there ugh!

  5. LOVE your candid take on this subject! Great advice.

  6. The change of underwear is such an excellent idea that most probably wouldn't think of.

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  9. Ok I love those loafers... and to top it off it is comfortable definitely something I will like to purchase.. :)

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